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Chowringhee Instant Oats Chilla (Healthy)

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What is it?

It is a healthy Indian pancake, low in carbs, high in protein! 

Where is it From?

As you walk by the Chowringhee street of Kolkata 

And spot the street vendors prepare their local delicacies

You cant help but be tempted by the "Chilla"

Here we present this street food with a healthy twist

Instantly at your doorstep!

Instructions To Prepare 

1. Dissolve 200 gms in 260 gms of water

2. Mix the batter and spread over a hot pan

3. Flip the Chilla and Heat

4. Enjoy with pickle, chutney, curd, vegetables or as a wrap! 


Moong Dal, Oats, Besan, Salt & Spices

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