Our Story

 We <3 Chai 


When we were working in Singapore, we craved masala chai but didnt know how to make it. We tried, but failed! Moreover, the process took 15-20 minutes and we just didn’t have the time in the morning.


That’s how the idea stemmed. Our families have excelled in the tea business for over 70 years, but we felt the need to make old school masala chai easy, convenient and cool again. We left our finance jobs to join the #chaiparty


# Chai Party


Chai is an emotion, a tradition, a conversation starter and a factor that unifies all sections of the society. For us Indians, chai takes us back to our roots. Be it the steaming Dhaba Chai during a family road trip, or the citrus lemon tea on a railway platform, or the cutting chai on the streets of Bombay. With our flavours, we will  transport you to your hometown, transport you to your roots, transport you to that moment of nostalgia of your childhood. 


Many are switching over from masala chai, the beverage they grew up with, to green tea or coffee, merely for the sake of convenience! Our solution makes chai instant, convenient and chai cool again. 



Let’s hold hands to bookmark this precious recipe. Join our #ChaiParty and help us make it a global trend !