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Kolkata Kadak and Pondy Peach & Passion Fruit (20 sachets)

Kolkata Kadak and Pondy Peach & Passion Fruit (20 sachets)

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Cardamom Tea Premix

1 Box = 10 single serve

  • How To Make: Empty Out Contents, Add Hot Water, Less than 10 seconds to make chai

  • Ingredients : Tea Extract, Milk Solids, Sugar, Cardamom Powder 

When the city of joy wakes up at the break of dawn and the sunlight falls softly on the boats under the Howrah Bridge. When sweet Bengali voices are heard near the Kali Temple and you take a romantic and dewy morning stroll around the Victoria Memorial. 

Awaken your senses with a cup of our Kolkata Kadak Cardamom Tea.


Instant Iced Tea: Pondy Peach & Passion Fruit

Quiet, lazy afternoon by the beach, the perfect sunset,

Evenings in a hip cafe bustling with life

Romantic architecture, bougainvillea blossoms in a shower of pink.

Strolls through the French quarter, Pondicherry, mini-France in India

Savour the vibrant energy of this city in your homes,

With our Peach passion Iced Tea.

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